Wanted: Extension IT Leaders’ Contact Information

The eXtension Information Technology Advisory Committee is currently preparing a survey to go to the Extension information technology leaders at each of our institutions. The survey will address the need for the two-way exchange of information between eXtension and university Extension Web servers. In anticipation of the survey, the committee is collecting the latest contact information for the Extension IT leaders at each institution. No such list of IT leaders currently exists. You can help us by going to http://about.extension.org/wiki/Extension_Information_Technology_Leaders_by_University and completing the information for your institution.


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on “Wanted: Extension IT Leaders’ Contact Information”

  1. 1 Pamela Heckel

    I am writing a grant proposal to USDA. Do you currently offer a course in dispersion modeling? Are you interested in one? Could it be a web-cast? What support services do you offer?

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