2011 National Community of Practice Workshop, June 28-30

Planning is underway for the 2011 National Community of Practice Workshop. The Community of Practice Workshop will be held June 28 – 30, 2011 in Louisville, KY at The Brown Hotel. Please mark these dates on your calendars. More information will be coming out soon about the workshop.

The Brown (http://www.brownhotel.com/) in Louisville, Kentucky is an historic Four Diamond, AAA hotel featuring classic English Renaissance architecture. The opulent two-story lobby has a hand-painted, coffered ceiling, Bottocino marble flooring, finely carved mahogany furnishings and Palladian-style windows. The Georgian-Revival style exterior is trimmed in stone and terra cotta. Obviously, the breathtaking appearance of this historic structure is one of many reasons that the Brown Hotel is revered as one of the finest hotels in downtown Louisville.

The format for this year’s Community of Practice Workshop will be very similar to the very successful workshop held in 2010. We look forward to seeing you in Louisville this June.


on “2011 National Community of Practice Workshop, June 28-30”

  1. 1 Elaine Andrews

    Registration fee? Is information available regarding June 2011 conference registration fee?

  2. 2 Craig Wood


    We will set the registration fee next week and send that information out through multiple channels.

  3. 3 Beverly Samuel

    I have not received the registration information for the 2011 National Community of Practice Workshop. I can help promote the workshop. Thank you.

  4. 4 Craig Wood

    The registration information will be available April 1st. We will announce through about.extension.org. So it will be posted on this blog.

  5. 5 Elaine Andrews

    Please publicize agenda and registration information broadly, to CoPs etc. It has been difficult to find out what is happening with this meeting and additional publicity would be appreciated.

  6. 6 Elaine Andrews

    The Drinking Water CoP leader group would like to hold a planning meeting at the conference and will need help identifying meeting space. We would like to start the meeting at 4 PM on Tuesday, June 28 and end at 2 PM on Wednesday, June 29. Please advise. Thank you.

  7. 7 Craig Wood


    The registration fee is set at $250. As we discussed last month on the CMB call, one CoP leader that attends the CMB f2f meeting will be allotted up to $600 in travel and expenses. Workshop information will be available on April 1st. Meeting rooms are available pre- and post-workshop. The meeting time your CoP requested is during the Workshop.

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