The eXtension Evaluation CoP: A resource for the Cooperative Extension System

The eXtension Evaluation Community of Practice is a group of Extension professionals with expertise in program evaluation and the goal of becoming a resource for the Cooperative Extension System (CES) on program evaluation. The CoP has been meeting for the past year and has been developing a strategy and plans to provide evaluation resources and assistance to the CES. Activities accomplished thus far have included: conducting webinars on program evaluation (see for announcements), publishing over 60 FAQs on program evaluation (just search “program evaluation” on the public website to see these), creating an evaluation resource clearinghouse (see, and developing a course on Program Development and Evaluation and other evaluation modules (to be released soon). In addition, the CoP conducted an online interest survey of the 112 CoP members (see the results at and will be using that information to develop and provide additional assistance and resources on program evaluation to the CES.

For further information, suggestions, or comments, please contact the Evaluation CoP Co-Chairs:

Michael Duttweiler (
Michael Newman (


on “The eXtension Evaluation CoP: A resource for the Cooperative Extension System”

  1. 1 Mary Marczak

    Hmmm…I just read the summary the COP interest survey report pulled together by Michael Lambur and couldn’t resist asking, do you have to be a “Michael” to be part of this group?? :) On a serious note, congratulations for getting this important resource site up and running! Hoping for some great collegiality!

  2. 2 Michael Lambur


    Well you don’t have to be a Michael, but it does help ;-). It has been a real group effort with some great people.



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