Forest Farming CoP Offers Webinar

Join the Forest farming CoP as they offer a webinar on Forest Farming Non-Timber Products: Opportunities and Challenges. Jim Chamberlain will talk about harvesting products from the forest. Join the CoP on Wednesday, May 16, at noon EDT.


on “Forest Farming CoP Offers Webinar”

  1. 1 Cathy Sabota

    I cannot attend tomorrow, will the presentation be archived somewhere?

  2. 2 Robert Bardon

    It will be recorded and a link posted on

  3. 3 Della Williams

    Would like more information. We have a stand of small pine trees keeping part of pasture from getting sunlight. Is there an economical way to get rid of it.

  4. 4 Laurie George

    please forward website for archived presentation

  5. 5 Carole Madan

    Here’s hoping that all who “own” trees in any number start to realize communities of insects, birds and larger animals are counting on you NOT to raze forests. It sounds like this presentation may be in agreement with this concept-I hope so!
    Carole Madan Momma Nature

  6. 6 Vitalis Temu

    Rather than getting rid of the pines, consider thinning the stand and planting shade tolerant forage species. However small the tree density found to also allow good growth of understory, it’ll still provide rare ecosystem benefits to producers.

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