New Ask an Expert 2.0 Launches on December 3

A major update to Ask an Expert was released on Monday, December 3. This new version extends the reach of our research-based answers making them a learning tool for a larger number of people. (New enhancements are in last month’s article, “Ask an Expert Coming December 3”.)

We know with change comes questions, and we’re here to help with your transition to the new system. Experts who go to to answer a question or wrangle questions can find help by clicking the Help link at the top right. The help page includes a variety of options for assistance; you may ask a question using the question form, or use a link to join AaE Office Hours in a Google+ Hangout, Adobe Connect room, or in chat.

We thank the more than 100 people who assisted us with testing the new application during the last month. We very much appreciated everyone’s feedback, and are very excited that the new application is now available to the public. We believe it has great potential to increase the reach and impact of the Cooperative Extension System and look forward to many Extension faculty and educators diving in to respond with research-based answers to the public’s questions.


on “New Ask an Expert 2.0 Launches on December 3”

  1. 1 AnswerLine

    We have just started assigning “Ask an Expert” questions for Iowa. We have a huge pinecone logo that is blocking our view on the page – we’re not able to see part of the question or buttons to work with. Can you help us figure out how to get rid of it?

  2. 2 Ciro Lozada

    Hi AaE team, great job on the new release of the widget. Any ways, I just wanted to point out that the widget is displaying a tag in the error message.

    Again, congrats for the launch and keep the good work!

  3. 3 Meridith Berry

    Iowa- I had that issue with the pinecone as well. Upload a new picture in your profile and it will go away. Good luck with AaE!
    Meridith Berry – Missouri

  4. 4 Ben MacNeill

    The super-size image problem has been fixed! We’re currently addressing a few other layout issues. thanks!

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