About Us: Staff

Anne Mims Adrian, Ph.D
Associate Director
Military Families Learning Network New Program Leader
Office: 334.844.3507
Mobile: 334.750.3565
Email: aadrian@extension.org
Twitter: aafromaa
IM Google Talk: aadrian@extension.org

Sarah Baughman, Ph.D
Project Leader, Military Families Learning Network
Office: 540.231.7142
Mobile: 540.315.0164
Email: sarahbaughman@extension.org

Nick Broady
Content Staff
Office: 859-323-8461
Mobile: 859.806.3163
Email: nbroady0001@extension.org
IM (jabber): nbroady0001@chat.extension.org

Rhonda Conlon
Principal Investigator, Engineering
Office: 919.515.5893
Email: rconlon@extension.org

Lisa Coulter
Administrative Assistant – Content
Office: 859.323.8466
Email: lisa.coulter@extension.org
IM (jabber): lisalewis@chat.extension.org

Ivelin Denev
Multimedia Designer, Content
Office: 859.323.8447
Email: ivelin.denev@uky.edu
Skype: idengo

Elbert Dickey, Ph.D
Principal Investigator, eXtension Initiative
Dean Emeritus, UNL Extension
Email: edickey@extension.org

Christine Geith, PH.D
Mobile: 517.381.0392

Michelle Giddens
Assistant to the CEO
Office: 205.665.2187
Email: michelle.giddens@extension.org

Amy Hays
CoP Support
Office: 254.865.2061
Email: ahays@tamu.edu
Skype: aggie94_amy
IM: ahaystamu@gmail.com

Kyle Kostelecky, Ph.D
Principal Investigator
Military Families Learning Network
Office: 217.244.7172
Email: kylelkostelecky@extension.org

Mark Locklear
Web Developer
Cell: 828.707.5634
Email: marklocklear@extension.org

Ben MacNeill
User Interface Designer
Office: 919.636.9192
Email: ben.macneill@extension.org
IM (jabber/Gtalk): benmac@extension.org

Rich Phelps
Project Manager
Phone: 270.625.0599
Email: richphelps@extension.org

Beth Raney
Professional Development Leader
Office: 814.863.2525
Email: beth.raney@extension.org
IM (jabber): Google Talk: bnraney@gmail.com

Brigitte Scott, Ph.D
Evaluation and Research Specialist, Military Families Learning Network
Office: 540.231.3990
Cell: 540.449.1919
Email: brigit2@vt.edu

Jerold Thomas, Ph.D
Leader, Innovation & Change eXtension
Office: (419) 306-9400
Email: jthomas@extension.org

Craig Wood, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Content
Office: 859.323.8472
Email: craig.wood@extension.org

Jason Young
Data Analyst/Software Architect
Work: 919.473.3156
Email: jayoung@extension.org


Ashley Griffin
Content Consultant
Office: 859.323.8473
Email: ashley.griffin@extension.org
IM (jabber): agriffin@chat.extension.org

Karen Jeannette
Military Families Consultant
Office: 218-310-8131
Email: karen.jeannette@extension.org
IM (jabber): karenjeannette@chat.extension.org

Larry Lippke, Ph.D
Online Campus Coordination Consultant
Cell: 979.324.7768
Email: larry.lippke@extension.org
IM (GTalk): llippke@extension.org

Terry Meisenbach
Communications and Marketing Consultant
Office: 760.641.9354
Email: tmeisenbach@extension.org

LuAnn Phillips
Virtual Worlds and Social Media Content Consultant
Cell: 518.791.6521
Email: luann.phillips@extension.org
In Second Life: Thynka Little