Communities of Practice Descriptions

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The ABCs of Omega-3s takes existing and newly emerging research about omega-3 fatty acids (n-3s), and compiles it with peer-reviewed information to create a centralized, trustworthy, and easy-to-read resource for consumers.

Agricultural Law
covers legal issues surrounding agriculture production, food system participation, conservation of natural resources, and land ownership.

All About Blueberries is a “one-stop shop” for everything about blueberries; from production, both commercial and backyard, to consumption.

Bee Health experts share their knowledge online on sustainable strategies for managed bee health to secure continued pollination of our natural and agricultural plant communities.

Beef Cattle is an online information resource for beef producers, covering topics such as breeding, herd health, nutrition, pastures, and farm management.

Better Kid Care America is created to improve the quality of childcare and early education for all children by actively engaging and educating childcare providers, parents, and community leaders with high quality, web-based early childhood resources and learning experiences.

Companion Animals is an online resource for companion animal owners and enthusiasts – from dogs and cats to rabbits and guinea pigs – providing unbiased, research-based information and tools.

Corn and Soybean Production is an online community where all aspects of corn and soybean production are discussed and multidisciplinary research and education activities related to crop, nutrient, soil, water and pest management can be found.

Cotton provides current and reliable information on the cotton industry, that can be applied to maximize production, increase sustainability and profitability of farms.

DAIReXNET meets the educational and decision-making needs of dairy producers, allied industry partners, Extension employees, and consumers with science-based information and learning opportunities about the dairy industry.

Diversity Across Higher Education fosters intellectual thinking and engagement about diversity through cutting-edge information and educational resources while sharing ideas, developing valuable resources and implementing practical solutions while building synergistic partnerships.

Drinking Water Issues illustrates how water affects all living things and the world around them by covering topics such as source water, source water protection, drinking water treatment, and drinking water policy and economics.

Entrepreneurs and their Communities are agricultural economists, rural sociologists, community development educators, and human scientists who produce and incorporate the best information and educational resources available on a the subject of entrepreneurship.

eOrganic brings together practitioners, researchers, and educators to advance the understanding and practice of organic and sustainable agriculture production, marketing, and certification.

Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) provides interdisciplinary, scientific educational resources to help people prepare for and recover from natural or man-made disasters affecting their communities, families, farms, or businesses.

Extension Wildfire Information Network
teaches homeowners how to live safely in high wildfire hazard environments by providing pre-fire actions to reduce wildfire threats, homeowner actions when threat is eminent, and post-fire actions pertinent to homeowners and the property.

Families, Food and Fitness helps people improve diets, increase physical activity, and maintain a healthy body weight through user-friendly information to fight the growing problem of obesity and poor nutrition leading to major chronic diseases.

Family Caregiving assists people addressing caregiving needs at the individual, family and community level, with information on health, nutrition, housing, employment, finances, relationships, and disasters.

Financial Crisis is a virtual community of practice with relevant and timely content for the financial crisis facing our nation helping people manage money in tough times.

Food Safety promotes general safe food handling practices for consumers with usable and readily available facts about food safety, food recalls, and food contamination.

Forest Climate Change, through theoretical and applied research, summarizes on how potential climate change may affect forest tree species so we can understand and manage trees/forests growing under future conditions.

Freshwater Aquaculture experts provide resources on freshwater aquaculture, covering species such as catfish, trout, crawfish, hybrid striped bass, various sport fish and a multitude of ornamental fish species.

Gardens, Lawns, Landscapes experts nationwide share information related to all aspects of plant care in and around the home – from trees, shrubs, and indoor plants to gardening, landscaping, and pest management.

provides comprehensive, scientifically-based information on all aspects of meat and dairy goat production and marketing.

Grapes is an interactive, science-based source of grape production information to help growers and wine makers be more profitable, productive, and successful.

Home Energy brings professionals together to develop, enhance, and maintain an Internet resource on energy, sustainability, and housing.

Horses brings educators, researchers, veterinarians, and industry professionals to develop relevant equine resources for today’s consumer and horse enthusiast.

Imported Fire Ants is a reliable online resource for anyone, from entomologists to pest control experts, needing information on imported fire ants and the control of these stinging pests.

Land Use Planning delivers information on planning for land use and sustainable development nationwide, empowering citizen advocates who want to shape the future of their communities with useful tools and education for positive public land use decisions.

Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Centers
is an online group focusing on environmental issues related to livestock and poultry production, especially manure management issues.

Map@Syst provides outreach and education for geospatial technologies, including their use in today’s world and information on how these technologies make a difference in people’s lives.

Military Families is working through partnerships with the Department of Defense and the Department of Agriculture to develop online information and educational programs supporting the military community, with a focus on family and youth programming.

Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network is a national network of experts and organizations providing coordinated technical assistance and support to small and mid-sized meat processors, and the local and regional niche meat markets that depend on them.

Parenting reaches parents at the most teachable moments, starting prenatally and continuing through the teen years, with parent-friendly information to help kids grow up healthy and ready for success.

Personal Finance addresses financial stability through life transitions with online learning lessons, interactive financial calculators, and research-based, reliable consumer information related to money, saving, spending, and planning.

Pesticide Environmental Stewardship
develops critical thinking and decision-making skills about pesticide and non-pesticide options and their potential impacts, through educational modules and self-assessment tools.

Plant Breeding and Genomics
puts research into practice thus filling the need for plant-breeding programs to have more access to technology and gain experience with genomics tools and analysis techniques.

Pork Information Gateway has it all for producers and consumers within the pork industry covering everything from production management, swine health, breeding, pork safety, and consumer issues.

Rangelands is a resource for agency managers, private landowners, and educators providing science-based information on all aspects of rangeland management – from managing basic resources to the human dimensions that use and depend upon those resources.

Sustainable Agricultural Energy provides objective information about agricultural energy production and use, promotes the stewardship of natural resources and the economic viability of farm operations, and enhances the quality of life for farmers and society.

Sustainable Marine Fisheries
provides fishery technology, seafood safety, and marketing and educational expertise to enable fishery stakeholders to make informed decisions to sustain marine resources and strengthen the economic viability of the fishing and coastal industries.

Urban Integrated Pest Management affects anyone living or working in and around structures, including areas of impact such as youth, homes and families, businesses and the community, natural resources and the environment, lawns, and gardens.

Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscape
offers a coordinated and effective national response to support the sustainable use of water resources.

Wildlife Damage Management helps to resolve conflicts between humans and wildlife with information on identifying and preventing wildlife damage and selecting appropriate mitigation techniques, while taking into consideration human and animal welfare, and related environmental issues.

Wood Energy provides information about woody biomass energy production and use, promoting the stewardship of natural resources, the economic viability of operations, and enhancing the quality of life for individuals and society.

Youth SET for Life increases awareness, understanding and appreciation of science, engineering, and technology (SET) among young people which improves related knowledge, skills, and abilities for use in their lives and future careers.