Extension professional

Why should you, as an Extension professional, become involved in eXtension? What’s in it for you? eXtension is:

A collaborative space for land-grant university content providers to produce new educational and information resources on myriad topics.

An introduction to the Cooperative Extension System for millions of Americans who use the Internet for information and education but who are unfamiliar with our current brick and mortar structure.

An opportunity for every member of the Cooperative Extension System to contribute to a national resource through frequently asked questions, Communities of Practice, advisory committees, and institutional teams.

A 24/7/365 Internet-based resource designed to provide access to objective, research-based programs solving real problems in real time.

A new tool for Cooperative Extension educators, agents, and specialists to use in engaging existing and new customers and clients.

An opportunity to transform Cooperative Extension information development and delivery by using cutting edge technology and collaborative processes.

A natural extension of the growth of national collaborative work among Extension specialists, educators, and agents. eXtension helps that trend within Cooperative Extension culture grow.

A giant step forward in adding a linkage that can immediately respond to clients throughout the nation and, ultimately, the world. eXtension mirrors and responds to a change in the culture of information consumers. Nowadays, people of all ages, not just young people, are going to the Internet first as their information source of choice. More broadly, people have developed an expectation to get information structured the way they want it on demand, anywhere, anytime. eXtension speaks to that expectation.

A value-added resource for the local Cooperative Extension presence in the nation’s 3000+ counties. In many situations there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction with clients and stakeholders, but eXtension will expand what the Cooperative Extension can offer its clientele.

Developed from the grassroots. Working from Communities of Interest surrounding a particular topic area, content providers (land grant faculty, educators, agents, and specialists) form Communities of Practice to develop educational and informational modules.

Available system-wide. The applications, tools and procedures will be developed and distributed as “open source.” Resources will be developed as a public collaboration and made freely available to augment local capabilities.