Get Your eXtension ID

Whether you are a Cooperative Extension agent, educator, faculty, professional staff member or researcher, an eXtension ID offers you unique benefits.

Am I eligible for an eXtension ID?

eXtensionIDs are currently limited to individuals with one of the following associations:

  • U.S. Cooperative Extension system
  • Land-Grant Institutions
  • State colleges
  • U.S. Government personnel affiliated with Cooperative Extension
  • Extension-related organizations working on projects with Cooperative Extension staff

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Not associated with the U.S. Cooperative Extension system?

If you’re not a part of any of the groups listed above as eligible to hold an eXtension ID we invite you to still take advantage of eXtension’s great educational and informational resources and programs. Just go to You’ll have full access to the “best of the best” of the Cooperative Extension System’s vast resources.